Members Sex Survey

We have been exploring the habits, preferences, fantasies, likes and dislikes of those seeking casual and adult dating with a survey of our members and we are happy to reveal the results!


The preferred sexual position amongst our casual dating members was… missionary. 37% of respondents said that missionary was their go-to position and a whopping 48% said that they would be likely to start with missionary position the first time they were with a new partner. Women surveyed generally had a greater preference for missionary position than males. The second favourite position for both groups was doggy. However, 74% of respondents said that they would like to try new positions with a casual sex partner.


No great surprises here - the top male fantasy was a threesome with two females. 71% of males surveyed said that this was one of their top three fantasies. Other male fantasies included; bondage/bdsm (either being the dominant or submissive partner), anal sex, sex in a public place.

The most popular sexual fantasy amongst women was to be dominated, with 65% of respondents placing it in their top three fantasies. Other popular fantasies for women were; sex in a public place, oral sex, being dominant, group sex, and having an experience with another woman.

Likes / Dislikes

Whilst preferences of sexual positions and fantasies did not throw up any major surprises, it is a little more difficult to draw conclusions from likes and dislikes in the bedroom and these tend to be much more down to personal preference. However, there are some trends that we can see.

Poor hygiene was a strong dislike amongst both men and women, with over 85% of those surveyed saying that they would be strongly unlikely to arrange a further casual encounter with someone who had poor personal hygiene. Both genders also said that they disliked partners who were selfish in the sack, and that casual dating should still mean both parties get to enjoy the experience fully! Women in particular were less likely to tolerate a rude partner, whilst men wanted to see enthusiasm from their female partner else they were unlikely to arrange a further meeting.

Both men and women like to receive oral sex, though more women than men liked to give oral (sorry ladies!). Men were more likely to want to have anal sex than women liked to receive (sorry gents!). 32% of women who responded said that they felt foreplay didn't generally last as long as they would like.

Looking For

We also asked what members were looking for and the breakdown was;

  • One off meet - 44%
  • Ongoing casual sex - 32%
  • Serious dating - 18%
  • Don't know/prefer not to say - 6%

Our takeway from these results are that it is really important to discuss things with your partner before you get to the bedroom. Chat online first and see what they like and what they don’t. Get to know the things that will turn them on so that when you’re in the moment, you don’t put your foot in it (unless they like that! ;D )!